Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hogscald Holler Come to you from Springfield,Il.

I know it has been a while sense I have posted much so I thought I would let you know what has been happening in me life.

All last year I had a new job that I liked very much but it took a lot out of me.When I got home everyday I could not get the energy up to do much.Then we had a new grand baby come and we just had to spend our free time getting to know her.

Now for the big change, in Nov. Adam took a new job in Springfield,Il. 420 miles from home.He went there and I stayed here to finish my job for the year.

I spent the month of Jan. in Springfield with Adam.This pic is of the apartment building we have there. Right down town Springfield. That is a LOT for this little county girl.

I think I will be spending 2 weeks there and 2 weeks in the hollow.I can't give up my Ozarks.

Now all you hookers and fiber artist in Illinois, let me know where you are and if there are any shows or hook-ins going on.I would love to meet fiber people from Illinois.
I think I will be looking for a place to host a camp up there.

Live Deeply,

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TamboinMO said...

Wow! Now that's a switch! E-mail me if you get a chance...I have some folks wanting info on the hook-in in Eureka and I've lost the e-mail that you sent me.
Take care!