Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Just Love A Man on His Knees at My Feet......

Ha! not what you were thinking was it? You thought, it being Valentine's Day weekend Adam was doing something romantic didn't you? Well I may be weird but this is the way to my HEART.He thinks I'm kidding when I tell him he is at his sexiest when he is covered in sawdust and grout or any other home improvement related stuff.
We have finally started on the tile in my kitchen.I would never say that I nagged......but I think I may have pouted,batted my eyes,hinted a little...well maybe a lot.What do you think,it's not to much to carry a box of tile up the stairs (snow covered stairs) and then lay them all around the kitchen floor at the same time as you run to the couch and sit by your sweet hubby, grab the laptop and look up tile patterns on the WWW. Would you say that was nagging? I didn't think so either.I will keep you posted as we get more done.
Scrappy Stars is all hooked now.I went to Jody's house today and her, Annie and I hooked.I got the last little bit done and now I just have to press and then do the edge.
Closeup of the stars.I did not use near enough of me worm stash so I will come up with another rug to hook with them.

Live Deeply and Happy Valentine's Day.



WoolenSails said...

Now why didn't I think of that, I want a bucket bench, so should have asked for that;) I am not a flower person, so rather have him build me something.

The problem with punch is, I have neglected my hooking and really missing it, so time to get back to my projects.


Jasminmoon said...

*LOL* Maybe we should all write and tell Adam how cute he looks on his knees with the trowel in his hand....or, we should all gather at your house and tell him that we are going to do it...sometimes that will motivate a guy to get going!!!

Love and light,

acornmoon said...

I like your scrappy stars!