Saturday, October 24, 2009

Teaching At the "Ozark School of Creative Arts"

You asked for it so now you can have it!!!!Nov. 9th -11th I will be teaching a rug hooking class at the "Ozark School of Creative Arts" in Joplin Mo.Please go to their web-site for all the info you need for this class.This class is for the beginning to intermediate rug hooker or want-to-be rug hooker.My hope is that in this three day class you will learn the fundamentals if rug hooking and you will fall in love with the art.

Here a few of my rugs for you to see.

The patterns seen for will also be for sell here very soon.If you would like one please let me know.

Live Deeply and come hook with me....


Jasminmoon said...

yippee!!!!! Your welcome to stay here you know....I know lots of folks that are interested and will spread the word!

Dana and Daisy said...

Vicki, we haevn't chatted much since this, I was wondering how it went. You can email or call me, Let;s chat soon! Love you, Dana