Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why I have not posted much?

I know I have not posted much this past month and I would like to say I am sorry.Below are two of the biggest reasons I have not been posting.First Adam has had so much going on with the band he has been in.Lots of nights we go right from work to band practice and then it is late when we get home.We both work 5 days a week and then some weekend he is playing both days.I try to be supportive and go with him when he plays but with working so much I am having a hard time getting all the household things done.I don't know how all you working Moms are getting things done.Help? Do you have hints for me.

The next thing stopping me from posting much is this cute little thing sitting in his Papaw's lap.Our grandson has been staying with us most weekends when his Mommy and daddy both have to work.I love having him here but I do know now why we have our kids when we are young.At 3 1/2 all he wants me to do is play with him.So I do.So much for the housework!

The Hook-in that I have been working on is this weekend and I can't wait.We have 140 people signed up for it right now.I know it is going to be GREAT.Be there or be square.get ready for lots of pictures from the Hook-in.

Live Deeply and go clean something.


Jasminmoon said...

Oh shoot, Vicki, you know, those dishes will wait in the sink for you and so will the laundry...that baby will grow up quick and won't want you to kiss him in public before long! Enjoy him, sit and hook and look at the dust! Nobody will look at your grave and say, "Gee Whiz, she sure had a clean house."

See you Friday!

Love and light,

Dana and Daisy said...

Mindy = Smart Woman.

Your kids also won't say, Boy, she sure had a great blog. But your kids will say, our Nana sure spent time with us and loved us.

flowerweaver said...

He's a cutie, sounds like you have some very good reasons to be too busy to blog! Have enjoyed looking at your Etsy items!

Evonne and Gerrit said...

You will never regret taking the time to play with the little guy. It is such a gift to be able to have him and spend time together. He will never forget it.

primitivebettys said...

Hummm... I'm thinking paper plates might cut down on some chores. You ARE one busy girl!

Looking forward to meeting you again this weekend. We start to head your way noon on Friday! :)