Sunday, May 3, 2009

War Eagle Craft Fair

This year's War Eagle was a first for me in the 17 years I have doing it.It rained most of the week leading up to the fair,but that was nothing new, it almost always rains War Eagle Weekend.What was a surprise was first they came around Friday afternoon and told us we could close at 4:00.We had some rain most of the day but not ever hard rain,just a lite rain off and on all day.But, there was not many people there shopping.I have never seen anything like it.I thought sales would be down this year but I thought the people would come and still look.That did not happen at all.
Then just after we left at 4:00 a hail storm came in and that night it rained so much the river came up 6 feet.The next morning we get there and wad though the water and mud to get to my booth.That is when we saw the river.Now so you know my booth and Evonne and Gerrit"s booth are the closest to the river can imagine what we are thinking...RUN!!!! We are then told the fair was closed and to pack up NOW! "but don't worry" we have a few hours before the river will get out of it's banks.

I don't know about you but that much water scares me.Adam and I packed up in record time and just about the time we are taking the tent down it really starts to rain.But, we get packed and back home by 10:00.I hope no one came from a long way to see the fair and waisted a trip.
Last time this happened was in 1990 before I started doing the show.If you came out to the fair "Thank you" and if you did not, make plans to come in the fall,Third weekend in Oct.
Live Deeply and some bring me a umbrella.


Evonne and Gerrit said...

It was a real hoot wasn't it. Looking forward to this fall. Crazy huh?

Jasminmoon said...

What a bummer! We had talked about coming down Sunday! But it was just too icky out....I will buy one of your sunflowers when I am down there in June!

Sorry you had such a yucky weekend...passing you an umbrella!

Dana and Daisy said...

geesh louise!

those rivers have a way of becoming violent! Glad you got your stuff out alive.

Next year maybe you need a boat, not an umbrella!lol!

TamboinMO said...

I"m sorry that War EAgle was such a washout for's looking forward to your June hook-in....I think a lot of the girls from here are going to come.
As for me, it always falls on my anniverary weekend. :(

Anonymous said...

Are you the booth that a few years ago took photos and then developed the same day from your van? If so, that is still one of my twin sister's and my favorites! I'm only signing anonymous because I don't know how to fill out the choices..

coinguyslady said...

Dear Anonymous,
Yes that was my booth.It was my daughter that was taking the pictures.