Friday, May 1, 2009

Can you say RAIN!!!!

I have been doing War Eagle Craft fair for 17 years and I have to say today was the worst day we have ever had.We had a lite rain off and on all day but the heavy rain did not start till after we went home.I can remenber years that we had a lot more rain and the people still came and shopped.Some of my biggest day were wet and rainy.But today the people just did not come out.It was very sad to see.
If you are thinking of coming out to the show put on your rain coat and come see all the artist and venders that are there waiting for people to talk to.
Here is Evonne in front of their booth.We have been next to each other for 17 years and have watched each others kids grow up and now we are watching grandkids.Go look at Evonne's blog at "Outside of the Box"

Live deeply and come play in the rain with us.


Sooooool :) said...

Very nice background and you have a wonderful blog.. one kiss ^^

Evonne and Gerrit said...

Hey girl, we made it out before the creek hit the pasture. What a spring show. Never had one like. Good to see you again.