Friday, November 28, 2008

"A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs"

For the last 15 years "Rug Hooking Magazine"has published the finest 30 rugs in a book called "A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs". Every year I say "this is the year I will enter something in this contest".Well, looks like it may happen this year. I think I have everything I need ready to put my entry in the mail. Entry's must be postmarked by Nov. 30.
I call this rug"Here Comes the Sun". The face has been needle felted with wool roving and the rest of it is hooked.My daughter Amber took these pictures for me.
This is a closeup of some of the hooking.

Here is one eye,everyone that sees this rug up close are surprised by the eyes.

This is a neat view of the face.The rug is 21 1/2" by 18". It will make a great wall hanging.

So now you have seen my entry for the contest.I will seen it off with a kiss tomorrow.Then we will see what the rug hooking world thinks of it.It is so far off anything I have ever seen in the book, but we will see.
To all you hookers at there,"Happy Hooking" and to everyone else "Live Deeply".
God Bless,


Sheri said...

Vicki, I saw your rug "in person" at Lenexa this year. If they don't accept this rug, they're crazy. It's the most creative thing I have EVER seen!!!
I Think I entered my Sunflower rug in Celebrations. I say I think 'cause I entered it online and I was supposed to get a confirmation email and I didn't. I emailed the publisher (that's the only address that there was to write to) and haven't heard a thing. Maybe I should put my CD in the mail tomorrow too.
Best of luck to you, Vicki. The rug really is worthy of the book. It makes mine look a kid did it!

TamboinMO said...

I love this rug too!!! Many good wishes to you. I'm thinking it should get picked just for the creativity are always totally amazing me with the things you do!

Gayle said...

I fully expect to see your totally awesome rug in the next issue of Celebrations - can't imagine a single reason why it wouldn't be in there!

Kryna said...

That is the coolest rug I have ever seen, the detail in the face is amazing! I am sure they will love it!

coinguyslady said...

Dear Ladies,
Thanks for all your sweet words.I really had fun making this rug and I am planning more.

Sheri,I tried the online thing first but it would not work so I did it the old school way.snail-mail.Good luck with your rug.

Thistle House Primitives said...

I agree with the others your rug should be selected! It is very unique!

Evonne and Gerrit said...

I love the rug. But then you always do such cool stuff. I'm sure it will do you proud.

Dana and Daisy said...

If they let you enter two, you should enter the lion, too!

They might even write an article about you!

Good luck girl!
Sorry I missed your call! we decided to eat dinner and stay home!

Brenis said...

Oh my gosh Vicki - this is FANTASTIC!!! I love how you mix medias! The sculpting on his face is just amazing! Good luck with celebrations!!!!
Thank you for the award also! I will try to get it up on my blog this week! :D
xo Bren

Dana and Daisy said...

if the snow holds back, I might be in town tuesday. Call ya!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your rug is so detailed. Hope your rug is selected to be published.