Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have You Been Counted?????

Starting April 30 I became a US Census when you hear that knock on your door and it is someone wanting to count you, be nice to them, it might be ME....But if it not me,it is someone working just as hard as I am so be nice to them,can I say that one more time,BE NICE TO THEM.
We are your neighbors, that have taken a part time job to help our families pay the bills.

So far I have meet some great people and learned more about the county I live in.I have seen some beautiful homes and views of the lake.I have also seen views from the mountain tops.I have driven some of the worst roads and driveway and I have driven roads that I thought would end at a Hobbit hole or a fairy land. I have seen people that have a beautiful lake house as a 2nd home and I have seen people living in houses not fit to live in.I have seen people with the hopes and dreams of a new home they are having built and people building their dream home with their own hands.

The hardest part of the job is the boss higher up the latter that keep changing the way they want things done.They give you four days of training then change everything they told you to do.I am the kind of person that, you show me what you want me to do then get out of my way and let me do the job you hired me to do.

First thing they do is hand each of us a big binder with a list of address's and maps that "SHOW" us where each house is. Well, that is the biggest joke,because they roads that are not really there and houses that are not houses,address's that can't me found and remember one little thing,we have no names of the people we are looking for just address's.Now if you don't know this,I live in the Ozark Mountains.There are NO strait roads! So if you someone driving around your road looking lost they just be a Census Taker....point they in the right way to go, lend a hand,be neighborly,HELP THEM find the house they are looking for so they can get their job done.

An estimated 48 million addresses will be visited through July 10.By-the-way,did you know the the first Census was taken in 1790 and that the info you give this year can not be released till 2082! That's right,info from the Census can not be released for 72 years.Will you care in 72 years who can read your info?

Ok, it's off to bed for this girl so I can go count people tomorrow..

Live Deeply,


Dana and Daisy said...

do you get to wear a badge? like the sheriff?

coinguyslady said...

My hangs around my neck on what looks like a shoe lace.

coinguyslady said...

My hangs around my neck on what looks like a shoe lace.

WoolenSails said...

A great way to pick up extra cash.
You live in a an area with a lot of diversity, what great way to get out and see new places and people.