Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold in the Ozarks.......

This is what happens when it gets below freezing in the Ozarks.If you come to my house you drive across a creek that is right in front of our house.It crosses the road and then drops right off this cliff.
That is our house back there in the background.It is so beautiful when the snow is on.
Here are some more UFO's I found as I have been cleaning the studio.Ok, all you hookers out there, how many rugs do you hook before you stop and finish them up. I have at lest three of them.I also have at least four rugs going right now.I think I better get to work hooking.
Some of you have asked how the cleaning job is coming,so here are a few pictures of what i have done so far.I can now sew at my sewing table and not at my kitchen table.
The wool looks better,now maybe I can find the colors I need to finish all them rugs.
Books,books and more books.I need a better plan for this but it will have to wait till the big studio gets done.

Live Deeply and go hook a rug.


PG said...

It is looking very organised! you can never have enough books, and at least they are easy to store. You must have laughed at my snow-post, (I think the whole world is laughing at us..) I think you must be quite used to such conditions - and worse!

Dana and Daisy said...

do not slip and fall off that cliff, vicki! you're scaring me!

you've made great progress on your studio! I'm so proud of you! Just in time for spring craft shows, ha ha!

I love the rug with the flower on it. beautiful!
Love you more though!

Jasminmoon said...

Your doing a great job!!!! I got started and then was interputed by 2 days of work....I have one rug that I am finishing the edges on, three or 4 other little projects for finish and the BIG Susan Quicksaw rug to finish...then I swear I won't start another til I am done with the one I am working on!

Your photos of the ice are beautiful...I used to live on Elk River on bluff...

coinguyslady said...


I loved your snow post.We do not get a lot of snow most of the time.

coinguyslady said...


Don't you just hate that ugly word "job"!Keeps us from hooking