Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Down and One to Go....

I thought I would show you what I have got done the week.This first little is just something I started in between some of the other things I have been working on. Last month when the power was out I could not see to find the wool I needed for the next part of the rug I was working on then so I grabbed a small piece of monks cloth and my worm basket and this is what can out.

And here is my angel all done, well all but the binding.I wish the color showed better.The background is dark green.She is hooked in #3 cut.I hope my teacher approves of her.

She is a redhead like me,but I have never been that angelic.hehe

Live Deeply and go see what you have in your worm basket.


WoolenSails said...

I love how the angel came out, she is beautiful.
I noticed the glitter in the closeup, is that a glitter yarn?


Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki! She turned out beautiful! Yes, I think Victoria will be VERY proud of you!

Love and light,

Ginger said...

Your angel is beautiful, Vicki. You have such amazing talent. Everything you do turns out so fantastic!
I haven't registered for the June hook-in yet. Do you still have openings?

coinguyslady said...

Thank you all! I am very happy with my angel and I will try #3 cut again.

Debbie, Yes it is a glitter yarn kind of stuff,a little stiffer then yarn.

Ginger, Yes we still have openings,at this point I can take as many as I want.


Evonne and Gerrit said...

You, not angelic? I don't beleive it.
Your work is all great, you are so talented.