Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hooking on a Snowy Day....

It snowed all day yesterday and this is what it did to our part of the Ozarks.Hard to tell how much snow we got but it looks like about 10 ins.
I love the snow and how the trees look with the snow on them.
Here is what my rug is looking like now.I am using up some of my worms,but I still have a lot to go.
This rug is now all done.One more UFO bites the dust.
Live Deeply and go make a snowman.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hooking in theOzarks.....

Last Friday a group of ladies got together and hooked at Jody's home in Rogers.We had a great time and are planning to do it once a month.I am also hoping to start a group at my home soon.Above is Annie,a new hooker,hehe...this was her first time to hook.She has been a want-to-be hooker for a long time and has been buying everything she needed to get started so we got her on her way.
It was good to see Mary Jane again as I have not seen her in almost a year.We are planning a trip to her Bed and Breakfast to have a hooking weekend.I, for one can't wait.

For all you people that do not hook I want to show you what happens when you hook very long.Every time you hook a rug you end up with more cut strips then you need and you toss them in a basket.We call the strips"worms". When that basket is full you start a new basket and so on and so on. I hope you get the picture.At some point you have to stop the madness and hook a rug or two or three, to use up the worms.So, I have started #1.
This is my pattern I call "Scrappy Stars". I have had many people wanting to see this pattern hooked so now is the time.I will keep you posted on how it is coming.
I love my big frame for this kind rug,I can see most of it at one time and I don't have to move it a lot.

Live Deeply and get ready for snow.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Days of Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Retreat .....

There I am just hooking away.I did get some things done this week.Today was the last day of the retreat and everyone has gone home.Pray they all get home safely.It is so sad to see everyone start packing up and leaving.It feels like they are all leaving me.
Here are most of the hookers that came to the Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Retreat this year.We had great group of ladies and I think everyone had fun.
I did finish the hooking on this rug and got the edge to the one below done.
This rug is my pattern and is called "Tree of Love" and I do sell the pattern on monks cloth.It is a sweet little pattern and hooks up fast.

I have a few more pictures I will post tomorrow.

Live Deeply and make art not war.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rugs For Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Retreat...

Here are some of the rugs for the rug show at Eureka Springs Rug Retreat.I think 12 rugs have been finished at the retreat this year.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Two of Eureka Springs Rug Retreat...

It was a wild day at the retreat today.Look through the picture and think about 39 women in a room together with at least 500 lbs. of wool and lots & lots of chocolate.Enjoy the rugs that are being worked on and a few that are now done.
If you would like to come see the rugs and talk to the ladies you can come on Tuesday.

Live Deeply,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Retreat has Started....

The hookers have made it to town and the Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Retreat has started.

I am not going to write much,I will let the pictures do the talking.

This what you need when you plan to hook for 5 days in a row.Look at all the wool!

I will keep you posted as the days go by.

Live Deeply and hook!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold in the Ozarks.......

This is what happens when it gets below freezing in the Ozarks.If you come to my house you drive across a creek that is right in front of our house.It crosses the road and then drops right off this cliff.
That is our house back there in the background.It is so beautiful when the snow is on.
Here are some more UFO's I found as I have been cleaning the studio.Ok, all you hookers out there, how many rugs do you hook before you stop and finish them up. I have at lest three of them.I also have at least four rugs going right now.I think I better get to work hooking.
Some of you have asked how the cleaning job is coming,so here are a few pictures of what i have done so far.I can now sew at my sewing table and not at my kitchen table.
The wool looks better,now maybe I can find the colors I need to finish all them rugs.
Books,books and more books.I need a better plan for this but it will have to wait till the big studio gets done.

Live Deeply and go hook a rug.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

UFO's found as I Clean!!!

Well, the cleaning is coming right along I really think there is hope.As I have been working I am finding some UFO's(un-finished objects) in all that mess.This is a rug I started with Nola Heidbreder at the Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Camp.So my plan is to finish each one of the UFO's I come across.
This is the first one I am working on.I finished the middle one last night.Aren't they cute.

Live Deeply and Keep on Hooking,